Create Curb Appeal

It doesn't matter if your home has fabulous cathedral ceilings or a kitchen to rival Martha Stewart's - buyers won't see them if they are turned off by your home's exterior. When buyers drive by your home, they need to see an attractive place they want to come home to - otherwise, they'll never come inside.

Here are some ways to maximize your curb appeal:

  • Roof: Your roof must be clean and in good repair. If the roof looks bad from the street, buyers won't come closer.
  • Gutters: Buyers complain about dirty or clogged gutters - they're a sign that the home isn't well maintained. Also, clogged gutters lead to water and roof problems, both of which can be deal-killers.
  • Siding and shutters: These must be clean and in good repair. Deal with any visible dirt or peeling paint before you list the home.
  • Driveway: All driveways crack eventually. However, weeds or grass coming up through the cracks makes them more obvious and turns off buyers. Get rid of the unwanted greenery and patch cracks if possible.
  • Mailbox: Is it dented? Faded? Does the post lean to the side? Fix it.
  • Yard: Your yard needs to look healthy and well-maintained. Keep grass cut and healthy, care for trees, and consider investing in some blooming flowers (depending on the season).
  • Lighting: A beautiful home can look like a haunted wreck at night if it doesn't have decent lighting. Make sure your exterior lighting is attractive and functional.
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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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