Drive-By Checklist



Neighborhood Below Avg Avg Above Avg
Near your work      
Near your spouse's work      
Traffic congestion      
Noise Level      
Nearby groceries      
Nearby gas stations      
Nearby essentials      
Safe main road access      
Road conditions      
Attractive, well-kept entrance      
Clearly marked street signs      
Overall look of the neighborhood      
Comparable nearby homes      
Condition of neighboring homes      
Condition of neighboring yards      
Overall neighborhood appeal      


Home Exterior Below Avg Avg Above Avg
Driveway condition      
Lawn, yard space, landscaping      
Healthy trees, grass and other plants      
Roof condition (damaged shingles, stains)      
Gutter condition      
Chimney condition      
Shutter condition      
Exterior paint      
Mailbox condition / placement      
Overall curb appeal      


Walk-Through Checklist
Closing the Deal


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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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