Know Your Home

The first step in getting a great deal for your home is knowing what you're selling. Everything in the home-selling process - from pricing your home to listing it to judging offers - is based on knowing the facts your home. Also, state laws require home-sellers to disclose a wide variety of information, so we may as well start collecting it now.

What do you need to know? The easy answer is, "Everything." More realistically, you should try to know everything that a buyer should want to ask.

Some potential buyer questions include:

  • What is your home's square footage?
  • How much land is included with the home?
  • Do you have a clear title to the home?
  • Is the home inside your town's city limits, or is it in an unincorporated area?
  • Who provides police, fire and ambulance service?
  • What are the local schools? How good are they?
  • Who provides utility services? (Buyers will want to know average utility costs.)
  • Does the home have sewer service, or a septic system?
  • What are the annual property taxes?
  • How old is the roof?
  • How old is the furnace? Does it use natural gas, electricity or other energy source?
  • Is there an air conditioner? How old is it?
  • How old is the water heater? Does it use gas, electricity or other energy source?
  • If there are fireplaces, are they in working order?
  • Air conditioner? Water heater?
  • How old are the appliances?
  • What stays and what goes? Buyers need to know what appliances and other fixtures are included with the home and what you intend to take with you.

Just the Facts

Together, we will use this information and any special features about your home to create a factsheet about your home. The factsheet should be a Top 10-style list of what makes your home great - whether it's an excellent school district, new roof or hardwood floors.

Your fact-sheet will be made available at open houses or showings, drawing buyers' attention to your home's main selling points. It will also be used in creating your home's online or printed listing and be a helpful tool when describing your home over the phone to prospective buyers.

A Word About Disclosures
Buying While You're Selling


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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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