Shopping in Person

You have a good idea of what you want in your new home, you've browsed the listings on my website, and you've even driven by several candidates. Now, it's time to go inside and look around.

This is a great time to give me a call or email. I can set up appointments for you to walk through the homes on your short list and let you know about other homes that may fit your needs - even flagging new listings that meet your house-hunting criteria.

As we visit homes, we'll re-examine the neighborhood and the home's exterior, then give the interior the same kind of attention. On the initial walk-throughs, we can compare homes to your "dream home". Bring your notes, wish list and dream home criteria, and we'll see how they stack up. We can also check for any serious problems like roofing issues, uneven floors, worn carpeting, outdated appliances or water damage. We'll also look at the back yard, which you probably didn't see on your drive-by, and check the basement (if any) for dampness.

The Walk-Through Checklist will be an important tool as we examine - and compare - potential homes.

Once we've walked through several homes, we can probably narrow your selection down to two or three contenders. Then, we'll do a second walk-through to see which home is a winner and start the process of making an offer.

Second walk-throughs are more detailed than first visits, because you're getting ready to make an offer on the home. In addition to considering how the house fits your needs, we'll inspect many of the details that will affect the amount of your initial offer. If you love the house but hate the ceiling fans, for example, you may want to make a lower offer because you'll be replacing those fixtures.

Location, Location, Location
Getting the Loan


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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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